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OK, so I finally have an update; I was so happy to see that 20inspirations was back so I jumped at the chance and did this months challenge. The challenge was to have the colours of the icon interpret the mood.

20 sherlock
+ alts

 photo LossampPain_zps31a07e37.png  photo Flirty_zps8ef7c2aa.png   photo Regal2_zps8805179f.png  photo Innocent_zps8870b858.png

sherlock, 20inspirations challenge icons
 photo Sad1_zpsfc41fddc.png  photo sad2_zpsce84f7ec.png  photo SadampAlone_zps06c27953.png  photo Regal1_zpsa6cf7bb3.png 04
 photo Regal2_zps8805179f.png  photo Power1_zpsd957da92.png  photo NiaveArrogance_zpsb9db96ac.png  photo Pain_zpseee7119c.png 08
 photo LossampPain_zps31a07e37.png  photo Lonely1_zps76c0d2eb.png  photo Irritated_zpsae683972.png  photo Innocent_zps8870b858.png 12
 photo HyperAware_zps32be761b.png  photo Happy_zps83f5830f.png  photo Giddy_zps113d308d.png  photo Flirty_zps8ef7c2aa.png 16
 photo despair_zps53dc4d3b.png  photo EvilvsGood_zps1ee3bfa9.png  photo Angry_zpsc60da68f.png  photo Amused_zpsf1dbef2b.png 20


 photo alt2_zpsc9afa0d1.png  photo alt1_zpsbd444c9a.png 22

- comments are ♥
- credit lollypopninja
- do not repost/upload to fanpop/tumblr
- do not use on any other site without credit
- watch the community for updates
- make a request?
Tags: actor: benedict cumberbatch, actor: mark gatiss, actor: martin freeman, show: sherlock, type: icon
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