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OK so I have actually managed to put together an icon post for you all! lol I am still getting back into the swing of things and trying some things out but I really hope you like this new batch that I have posted for you all. I am planning on making some celeb icons for my next post, like the pictures from PCAs but I just didn't have any inspiration to make any this time around - who knows, maybe it will motivate me to get my next batch out sooner ;)

10 nikita
13 supernatural
24 once upon a time
+ alts

 photo SPN9-1_zpsec2447dd.png  photo OUAT1_zps55b5910c.png  photo NK6_zpsa0f41e16.png  photo OUAT24_zps7a4c40e3.png

 photo NK6_zpsa0f41e16.png  photo NK7_zpsb0d27e4c.png  photo NK8_zps7198b443.png  photo NK9_zps7a0ea5f3.png04
 photo NK4_zps91f1be1f.png  photo NK10_zpsd44e8dff.png  photo NK1_zps78a549ef.png  photo NK2_zps4efcdfe5.png08
 photo NK5_zps48a4bfc6.png  photo NK3_zpsbfc2cfaa.png10

 photo SPN13_zps152e8213.png  photo SPN12-1_zps08cbd970.png  photo SPN10-1_zpsddb606a3.png  photo SPN11-1_zpsaccde0c7.png14
 photo SPN9-1_zpsec2447dd.png  photo SPN8-1_zps7c12b09c.png  photo SPN7-1_zpsabf03231.png  photo SPN6-1_zps66c0209d.png18
 photo SPN5-2_zps954f68ef.png  photo SPN4-1_zps0063dabd.png  photo SPN3-1_zpsc5ce13be.png  photo SPN2-1_zps507c9b73.png22
 photo SPN1-1_zps66ecbbc8.png23

once upon a time
 photo OUAT24_zps7a4c40e3.png  photo OUAT23_zpse48feaf3.png  photo OUAT22_zps8e1b1c66.png  photo OUAT21_zpsc6a6079f.png27
 photo OUAT20_zps355ddb38.png  photo OUAT19_zps5fbfd785.png  photo OUAT18_zps1318db21.png  photo OUAT17_zps82fb42e4.png31
 photo OUAT16_zpsb42516b4.png  photo OUAT15_zps3aa32335.png  photo OUAT14_zps93241442.png  photo OUAT13_zpsea3622b3.png35
 photo OUAT12_zps1392924b.png  photo OUAT11_zps38e68c6c.png  photo OUAT10_zps4279208d.png  photo OUAT8_zpsc6dd5c21.png39
 photo OUAT9_zps7d569031.png  photo OUAT7_zps7cc3c5d9.png  photo OUAT6_zps272dee4a.png  photo OUAT4_zps0746bfe3.png43
 photo OUAT5_zpsb44302e3.png  photo OUAT3_zps5226be31.png  photo OUAT2_zpse61533b9.png  photo OUAT1_zps55b5910c.png47

 photo ALT03_zps8bc5d58f.png  photo ALT02_zps1c5fc865.png  photo ALT01_zps5da6dd3a.png50

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- credit lollypopninja
- do not repost/upload to fanpop/tumblr
- do not use on any other site without credit
- watch the community for updates
Tags: actor: colin o'donaghue, actor: eion bailey, actor: jared padalecki, actor: jensen ackles, actor: josh dallas, actor: noah bean, actor: shane west, actress: emilie de ravin, actress: ginnifer goodwin, actress: jennifer morrison, actress: lana parilla, actress: lyndsey fonseca, actress: maggie q, actress: meghan ory, show: nikita, show: once upon a time, show: supernatural
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