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OK, so I have some new icons for you! I felt really inspired by this months 20inspirations challenge so that is why I have my icons done so soon; the challenge was far and close which just happen to be my favourite crops for icons - be it simplistic or complex I just love them. Strangely I found myself having some difficulties with the close crops which is funny considering how much I do close crops in my icons, lol For this months challenge I chose to icon John Mitchell from BCC's Being Human - I literally watched seasons 1-3 in less than a week! It is such a fantastic show and I immediately fell in love with Mitchell/Aidan Turner so it just felt like a great opportunity to make some icons. Anyway, enough blab from me, onto the icons!!

20 being human (bbc) | john mitchell
09 alts
 photo FG9_zpsa38f96c7.png  photo CG10_zpse3644ac5.png  photo FG7_zps67b7a5cd.png  photo CG1_zps9f9caf52.png

close crop

 photo CG8_zps6ddf2156.png  photo CG7_zpsf49e008c.png  photo CG9_zps80506bc6.png  photo CG6_zpsc1c6c57d.png  photo CG4_zpsb583dfbf.png05
 photo CG1_zps9f9caf52.png  photo CG3_zps247a7f25.png  photo CG2_zpscb8c759a.png  photo CG10_zpse3644ac5.png  photo ALT03_zps79c320f8.png10
far crop
 photo FG10_zps121e114b.png  photo FG8_zps070c9398.png  photo FG9_zpsa38f96c7.png  photo FG7_zps67b7a5cd.png  photo FG6_zpsa93da5e4.png15
 photo FG5_zps585a09b0.png  photo FG4_zpsf1e14f0b.png  photo FG3_zpsdebcfed5.png  photo FG2_zpsefa13a00.png  photo FG1_zpsab45919c.png20


 photo ALT08_zpse57fc03e.png  photo ALT09_zpsff3bc21d.png  photo ALT07_zps3a1cb2b2.png  photo ALT06_zps44789c4c.png  photo ALT05_zps37e47eca.png25
 photo ALT04_zpsa4790479.png  photo ALT01_zps0f6bb41d.png  photo ALT02_zps8c88038e.png  photo CG5_zpsc1861ebb.png29

- comments are ♥
- credit lollypopninja
- do not repost/upload to fanpop/tumblr
- do not use on any other site without credit
- watch the community for updates

Tags: actor: aidan turner, show: being human, type: icon
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